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Two Houses Consultation Guides For Patients

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Two Houses guides for patients can

  • Help patients to understand what is going on in a consultation

  • Provide foundational knowledge for new problems

  • Help to keep patients at the centre of what is happening

Two Houses Guides are a free resource that can be downloaded and shared, although they should not be altered prior to sharing. They are meant as an aid to consulting, but are not a substitute for approved national or local guidelines. The guides are only up to date at the time of writing

Two Houses Guides for patients are 

  • Based on The GP Consultation Reimagined

  • Based on foundational knowledge, but also full of questions for patients to ask themselves

  • Practical, providing an understanding of what might be happening in the consultation and questions you might want to ask your doctor

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The Guides

Click on the images below to download each guide in a printable, shareable A4 PDF format 

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The Guide to the guides

Read this guide first as it will help to explain the layout of the guides, including what to look out for in both the House of Discovery and the House of Decision, where to find the Toolbox tips and so on

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Managing the menopause

The menopause poses a particular challenge for trainees as it is rarely encountered in secondary care. What might matter to a woman with menopausal symptoms, what should the doctor cover? Should she have tests? What about HRT?

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New onset type 2 diabetes

There is so much to consider with a new diagnosis of diabetes. How do you take it all in? What are the key messages to take away? How would you feel if you were diagnosed? What misunderstandings might there be?

When a new guide is created it will appear on this page and also be posted as a new BLOG POST. If you want to be notified when a new guide has been written, then simply follow the blog! 

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