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This book will not teach you to improve your consultations. That is its great merit. Instead, it will encourage you to learn how to consult better

From the Foreword by Roger Neighbour

An extraordinarily persuasive new way of imagining the consultation and the relationship between doctor and patient that sustains it.  This book makes me feel as if I'd like to start my career all over again

Iona Heath, retired GP, essayist and former RCGP President

Written with beautiful clarity, and with compelling examples. This is one of the most comprehensive accounts of GP tradecraft  that I have ever read. It is also endearingly personal, and as such I hope it will become a classic of our profession


John Launer, GP, medical educator and author

The House of Discovery

The House of Discovery is where doctor and patient work together on the first major objective of the consultation:


This part of the consultation can be envisaged as though the doctor is visiting the patient's home, where the problem the patient brings is explored in the context of their unique situation, beliefs, preferences and priorities. This House of Discovery is visited repeatedly, with each consultation building on the last. Different skills are required for exploring regular areas of the house, compared with heading down to the hidden depths of the basement, or the unruly nature of the garden.

The House of Decision

The House of Discovery is where doctor and patient work together on the second major objective of the consultation:


This second part of the consultation is imagined as the doctor taking the patient on a tour of a medical house where every room contains a possible action that could be taken, whether it is an explanation of the problem, a  test to arrange or a treatment to consider. Some of the rooms are simple to navigate, while others pose significant challenges. The model explores the nature of specific rooms including Empty, Locked and Hidden Rooms as well as the dreaded Room 101.

Key Concepts in the House of Discovery 



A key objective in the consultation is to achieve a Shared Understanding with the patient.
The patient needs to understand what the doctor thinks about the problem, but, just as importantly, the doctor must understand what matters to the patient.
Shared Understanding is crucial to ensure a smooth transition from the House of Discovery to the House of Decision.

Rooms to look out for in the House of Decision


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